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Monday, October 13, 2014


Our body and mind will give way.
Our reflex will slow down with time ...
We will have to eat slowly, to avoid choking.
We will have to walk slowly, to avoid falls.

We can no longer put on a front, we have to look after ourselves!
Do not meddle anymore with this and that, or control the kids!
Some even interfere with the third generation !!
We have intervened our entire life, It is time for us to be a little selfish .....
Take hold of ourselves. Life must come full circle.
Help with the cleaning chores ....
Try to maintain our health for as long as possible.
Give ourselves more opportunities to take control of our own life .....
We lead an easier life when we do not have to solicit help from others .....

*3rd Stage*
Our health begins to fail ....
We have to request help from others ....
We have to be mentally prepared for it.
The majority of us cannot escape this hurdle.
We have to prepare ourselves, emotionally, to accept that :-
In life, living and aging, sickness and death are milestones we have to encounter.
This is the final stage in life .....
Nothing to fear !
Be prepared for it in advance and we will not be too depressed.
Either check into a private nursing home ...
Or an old folks home ....
Depending on affordability, of course.
There must be a way out ....
The idea is not to add to the kids' burden, emotionally,
Increase their chores & their financial commitments.
Try our best to overcome -
What hardship has our generation not endured ?
What disasters have we not experienced ?
Trust us to take life's last lap in our stride.

*4th-Final Stage*
Our mind is still clear, but
We are terminally ill,
When our quality of life has deteriorated drastically ..
We must be courageous enough to face death!
Insist that the family not try to prolong our life ....
Do not incur unnecessary expenditure .....


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