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Monday, October 6, 2014


Scientists have been working hard and human beings used to dream of for finding  the'Fountain Of Youth' for centuries. Not all the people may like the idea of keeping youthfulness for ever but many would support the idea of overcoming diseases and aging if we can possibly do it.As we know there were so many diseases in the past and many of our beloved relatives and friends became succumb to them and we had grieved at that for sure. Let us think for a moment that no one wants to die as a result of a disease which can be cured or prevented. Ofcourse some incurable diseases are still a nightmare to us. Also if we think'aging'is an unnecessary thing which leads human beings to untold miseries and sufferings and if the scientists can win over that,one day humans will welcome that idea very much. It is true that there will be a lot discussions as to what will happen when that day 'arrives'. Our society is changing,life style is changing and man will change when the time comes.
There are some inner healers within us and why not we exploit them.There were a lot of controversy about the embryonic stem cells but reprogramming cells from our own body could give them the therapeutic power of embryonic stem cells without any political controversy.
There are some key concepts which have been published in the 'Scientific American' Page 47 of May 2010 issue., which are quoted below for our readers regarding the stem cells and the Biological Clock. There are new findings about the stem cells. 
Quoted "*Induced pluripotent stem cells are mature body cells that have been made to change their identities and revert to an embryolike- without the help of eggs or embryos.
*Rejuvenating the normal body cells of any individual- then converting them to any of the 220 human cell types- could yield new disease treatments and custom replacement tissues.
 * Scientists are now working to understand how these cells are able to reverse their biological clocks and whether the newest kind of stem cells will prove as powerful as embryonic cells."
The technology is growing exponentially and every sign points to the successful conquer of aging and defeating all the miseries.

It is true that we have a long way to reach the 'Fountain Of Youth' but I am sure the next generations will be able to drink from the 'fountain of Youth'.

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