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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We all like to live longer and of course to its full extent. What is impossible yesterday has become possible today and what is bringing tomorrow is not known but can guess. At least now we know the life extension is possible. The argument is that unless we can lead a healthy life, the meaning of long life is only bringing miseries at the old age and becomes meaningless.
Discoveries are being made in extending the life of cells, repairing the cell damage to the body, and even replacing organs, curing major illness and improving life styles. As we know the natural limit is 120 years but with the new discoveries, it is going to be possible to extend that beyond 120. There may be many social consequences but there will be ways to overcome the obstacles. The average age may become 100 by the year 2030 according to TechCast data.
Within the last 100 years Science has progressed so much that many diseases can be cured now and as a result the life extension has already improved.
People are more educated about prevention, the timely checkups and the followup, exercise and diet which all play some important role in man's life. In another 50 to 100 years there will be unimaginable progress in Science and that will not only extend man's life but will improve the quality.

There are many more interesting discoveries coming to our way for Fountain Of Youth !!
Ref:Technology's Promise by World Future Society, Discover Magazine

**** Recently Google has started a new company namely CALICO
(California Company for calico abbreviation) is going to be a great company for our future life extension, I hope.

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