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Sunday, November 16, 2014



Rosemary is a budding medical intern in one of the sprawling medical centre in the
rural region.  She is so excited on her first day to practice her life-long dream, to be a doctor.
She is not an ordinary girl-next-door; with an examination score of 99, we will see that
she is really for keeps.  On the other hand she is not just brains, she has a heart of gold,
so compassionate for the sick and dying that she almost shed a tear when somebody die in the hospital.

Alright, Rosemary held her stethoscope like a pro.  At a tender age of 20, her demeanour
is still somewhat childish.  She usually giggles with her friends at the canteen during their breaks;
whispering to each other about their crushes in the medical school.

Rosemary was assigned to Dr. Johannson, a young surgeon so popular because he had
0 percent fatality rate.  Rosemary sighed, "He must be brilliant with no fatality rate, but
he must still have a flaw!"

It is a busy Monday and Rosemary was introduced to Dr Johannson and her bluish-brown
eyes rotate with awe!  "Hi, I am Rosemary, the new intern."  The doctor never quipped,
just a modest, simple smile and Rosemary was hit by an arrow that is common to young
people.   Rosemary smiled with sweetness like a honeycomb!

That night, Rosemary could not sleep.  She could remember Dr Johannson's face as if in a mirror
in her mind.  She could not believe that something like this would happen to her.  "Oh no,
I have a boyfriend, but why does this man so attracts me?"

On a Tuesday morning, Rosemary is quite uncomfortable!  She dreads meeting Dr Johannson,
not because she does not like to see him.  But it is the goosebumps and her heart rate like that
one having a near heart attack.  She said to herself, "I have to compose myself, this is just
ridiculous."  Dr Johannson greeted Rosemary:  "Good morning, how was your night, I mean
the review of our patient, John?"  Rosemary showed him her analyses of John's heart problems.
Dr Johannson commented, "This is brilliant, eh!  You seem like a full-pledged doctor."
Rosemary replied, "I do not know about that Dr. Johannson."  He replied, "Just call me
James, to be simple!."

At her break, Rosemary analysed why is she like this.  Now she know why.  Dr Johannson
has an elegant demeanour, so polite and kind, virtues she really admired.  But there is a cache,
Dr Johannson is engaged!  Rosemary shrug her shoulders and said, "This is just an infatuation!
It will pass.  Then, Peter arrived!  "Hi Rosemary, how are you?"  Rosemary was teary eyed,
she embraced Peter, her boyfriend.

In Rosemary's mind, "Goodbye James, it was just a crush!"  Peter held her tenderly and they
went to canteen to dine on their favourite pasta...

Moral:  Sometimes, people pass our way and we thought it is the real thing.  Some things
are not meant to be but the experience enrich us.  It is some kind of adventure that we

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