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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


A skiing enthusiast enjoyed his third skiing adventure in
Mt. Buller. He saw a sign, "Do not go beyond this point!"
But his love of adventure impelled him to proceed...
As expected, he fell into a crevasse! He was partially
injured and an hour later, a woman shouted from
above, "Do not worry, we are from LifeSavers International!"
The man responded, "I already gave donation at your office!"
Mother: Doc, I really have a problem with my child. He bites
his nails most of the time.
Doctor: That's pretty normal sometimes for children to bite their nails.
Mother: Toenails?
I have a useful message for parents with teenage sons or
daughters. Did they attend a party? Be quick! Pack your
furniture, get a hired van and do not ever leave a
forwarding address!  By Witty Henny
A man commented, "The other day, I got confused, a woman
driving is doing everything right!"

Jokes only! Cheers!

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