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Saturday, November 8, 2014


(This is a love poem dedicated to the young and old alike
bewildered by this beautiful emotion of love! :CYNTHIA)
(A beautiful literary gem)
New World

                                                                   picture credit:  FB

What Have You?

Is it the subtle glances by moonlight
That captured my heart with delight?
Is it the amorous words that passes
To the fleeting memories of sashes?

Why does my heart beats unceasing...
Pulse racing up the ocean clinging
Eyes flickering, violin sweet dancing
What have you, myself whispering...

Do you walk ultimately like a king?
A crown of virtue and heart that sing
Touched gently as the cloud beacons
The bright light of auroras reckons...

As you walk by vast river near Helens
Recollect today of the gates of Venice
How sweet your ways and charm
Mesmerized my elusive heart...

Does your heart glitter as gold?
Not silver that shone beneath
Not copper which gives wreath
What have you like Yeats?

Escaping by the mountains I seek,
To forget light memories not bleak
No avail, herewith shadows still...
What have you, tell me, my love!

Running deep the woods of slumber,
Dreams of indigo, violet and amber
Thy countenance never have left me
What have you, ought whisper to see...

Giving up by the pond of shallow water,
Let it flow as the volcanic lava, I shudder
Somewhere, sometime it may abate
A lovely feeling, carved by the gates!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
Marvellous Cythia, really marvelous !!

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