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Thursday, November 27, 2014


(Let us read some great jokes from Cynthia. )
New World
The Priest
A priest was wondering why whenever he celebrates mass, the church
is almost empty. He pondered, "Is there anything wrong with me?
He attended "How to Improve Personality" seminars, enrolled in voice
improvement courses and prayed fervently.
Alas, one day the bishop gave him a new post in a remote parish in the
bush. He prepared his farewell speech and with a heavy heart practiced
his homily intended for twenty faithful parishioners. He already developed
a bonding with these people.
On the day of the farewell mass, he was teary eyed. To his surprise, the
church was full!

Logic of Dom

Dom is a perennial road menace. He received a letter from the Road
Infringement Agency..."This is your seventh fine that was unpaid, pay
now or face imprisonment.
Dom wrote back: "I am just waiting for the next fine; I will pay all
at once to save bank charges!"

Cynthia Abegail

Joke by Tal Bonham

Preacher: "Do you want to go to Heaven?"
Unbeliever: "No, Sir."
Preacher: "Of course, you want to go to Heaven when you die."
Unbeliever. "Oh sure, when I die. I thought you were organising
a group to go today."

Source: Tal D. Bonham, The Treasury of Clean Church Jokes

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