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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


There are two ladies arguing who is the most thrifty of them both:

Jane:  I am really thrifty, when I use detergent, drop by drop only
per day.

Clare:  That's nothing, I just use your detergent, no spending!

There is a lady who seems to gossip all day long!

Beth:  You know, I like to tell you something about Jana!

Mary:  You know, I like to talk about you, what's up?

Nurse:  Ok, let me take your blood for testing!

James (patient):  You took my blood 4 times already.

Nurse:  Well, we need it really.

James:  Do you like me to get well or to be dehydrated?

Doctor:  You know, this surgery of yours, it may be successful or not!
It is about 50 percent risk to die.

Patient:  (got up hurriedly)  Doc, who told you that I need a surgery?
He run off!!!

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