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Monday, November 10, 2014



John and James were chatting
about their job search adventure.
John: Good news James, I just
came from a job interview after
sending 53 resumes.
James: Congratulations, are you
starting tomorrow?
John: Well, I am now preparing
my 54th resume!
Wife: Darl, I notice you are really
working hard for our future.
Don't you think you do not have time
for me anymore? Can you spend
quality time with me today?
Husband: How many minutes?
Customer (in a popular restaurant)
Why did it take you ages to serve our
Waiter: Sorry, but the star of the
blockbuster film arrived. I have no
Customer: Do you know me, the star of
the film "To Tremble"
Waiter: Oh, I remembered now, Carl
de Floppe." I was really
trembling at the movie house!
Customer: A good film?
Waiter: I trembled because the single viewer
tried to strangle me; I run for my life!
Shiela: I don't know what's wrong with these
banks; they never approve my loan.
Jane: I think you should ask what's wrong
with your credit history?
Shiela: What credit history? Is that the same
as --- default history.
Really long and outstanding!

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