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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


James: It's your birthday tomorrow. I have something
for you.
Mila: I'm excited, what is it?
James: It's a surprise!
Mila: I can't wait...
James: Open your e-mail tomorrow.

Wife: How come 20 years ago, when we were engaged
you always say, "How beautiful you are my love."
Now, I never hear it from you. Anything wrong?
Husband: Do you really like me to tell a lie?


Screen Diva: Director, I am not feeling well today. I suggest
all pack up!
Director: We have packed up for over a month! Today,
you pack up and don't ever return!


Librarian: Are you going to borrow fiction, non-fiction, drama
or comedy?
Josh: Comedy...
Librarian: Hmm, why are you interested in Comedy today?
Josh: When I saw your face...


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