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Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Wife: Remember the days when we were engaged,
you just tremble when you see me!
Husband: That's when your hair were not


Teacher: John, why are you sleeping in my class?
John: Is there any other option?


Psychologist: You said that you are having these
wild dreams. May I please know how wild it is?
Patient: You are now breaching the Privacy Act!


John: May I please borrow your "Navigator." I seem
can't find this house, # 18 Sunkist Avenue."
May: How can you find it; it's still being built!


James: Could you help me find a gift for my fussy
girlfriend. If I give her a perfume, she will say, "Am
I not fragrant?" If I give her a gold necklace, she will
say "Am I not rich?" If I give her a lingerie, "She will
say, you are too forward?"
Peter: Fire her!


Officer: When will you learn how to's already
ten years now and you're crashing all the cars!
Leonie: When you stop giving me tickets!


Danny: O' this is a smosgasboard restaurant! Nice...
Waiter: Yes, eat all you can in one minute!


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