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Saturday, November 15, 2014


 Omar is seeking for real happiness until he got married. It's too late! ----------------------------------------------------
 Roy went home at about 3:00 am, then the cock crows. He asked himself, "What does it mean?" He found his wife in the living room with a bayonet and a grenade. ----------------------------------------------------
 Leah attended her first dinner with a distinguished couple. She wants to impress the family with her impeccable table manners. An interesting crab recipe was served. She got her fork and knife. After a battle with the crab for five minutes, everybody were looking at her. The butler whispers to her, "I guess your fingers will do the job!" ---------------------------------------------------- Jamie weighs about 200 pounds. She tried the gym, all types of slimming recipes but it did not work. She asked Carla for advice. Carla: Don't eat! ---------------------------------------------------- Rene: I paid my income tax yesterday, could you do me a favor?
Jen: Yes? Rene: Could I have free dinner tonight? -----------------------------------------------------
Josh had a car crash. Police were puzzled because his alcohol blood content is 0.00.
 Police: You're not driving under the influence of alcohol neither with drugs. Could you give me a hint of what influence you are driving with?
 Josh: I got dizzy! I was under the influence of my wife. How she talks and talks and talks! -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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