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Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Wife: Darl, I am really looking forward
to our holiday in France. Could we
have a candle light dinner at one
of the landmarks there?
Husband: Sure! How about at the
Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Wife: Grr...
Mr. Lopez is teaching about the water cycle
and of course, as one of the best teachers in
the school, he used visual aids, like rocks
and a small beaker with water.
Mr. Lopez: And the water evaporates, turn
into clouds, (then holding the beaker with water,
sprinkles some on the land model). With
so much energy, the water accidentally
spilled infront...
James: No wonder, he is the best teacher in town.
John: (on examination day) May I borrow please,
a red pen?
Examiner: Excuse me, only black pen please.
John: I really need a red pen, urgently!
Examiner: And why?
John: I am just going to underline my name with
a red pen, then I will hand it right away.
Danny: I admire you! What, five cars in two weeks...
It is good that they fit your garage!
Edwin: Why not, those are rental cars!
Carla: You're sure, she is your cousin?
Jane: Yes, certainly.
Carla: You're sure, she is your cousin, really!
Jane: Why?
Carla: Thanks, she does not look like you...
Russel: I am writing a book about our love story.
Girlfriend: Really? How exciting. In how many
pages I am a character?
Russel: On the coverpage only.
Paul: Life's so difficult, always broke!
Lawrence: Always be positive. Do something
and don't just stand there!
Paul: May I borrow five hundred dollars?

Cheers: Cynthia Abegail
( Cynthia, very funny jokes to decorate our page. Very well written. Thanks) New World

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