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Monday, November 3, 2014


1) A good companion: A good companion is not like the rain,Which comes and goes.Its like the air,Some time very quite 2)Work hard till you succeed: When U win in ur first attempt people say its luck,But if U win after a defeat they say as hard work.Work hard till U succeed!!!But constantly hanging around. 3) Truth of life: We make them cry who care for us,We cry for them who never care for us,And we care for them who will never cry for us… 4) Always make your absence: Always make ur absence felt in such a way,That somebody misses U,But let not ur absence be so long,That somebody starts learning 2 live without U!!! 5) Trust me that is true: People die younger,Because God loves them so much,You're still on earth,Because there's someone,Who loves you more than God,Trust me, that is true. 6) Knowing yourself is true wisdom: Knowing others is intelligence,Knowing yourself is true wisdom,Mastering others is strength,Mastering yourself is true power. 7) When someone loves you:When some one loves you,You don't realize it,When you realize it, its too late.You always love the one who leaves youAnd leave the one who loves you. 8) So much love for you: If U r in luv, accept it, respect it & enjoy it.But if U r not, then don't worry cozSomeone, somewhere must be wrapping up So much luv for U. 9) Happiness is a perfume : Happiness is a perfume .You cannot spread on otherswithout getting a few drops on urself.So always be happyto make others happy ! 10) The best is yet to come..:If yesterday didn't end up the way you planned, Just remember:God created today for you To start a new one! The best is yet to come! 11) Tackle life with all yur skills: Tackle life with all ur skillsOvercome each and every hillIf u persist with all ur willU will enjoy ur life and all its thrill's. 12) I want Peace:Somebody asked God, I want peace, God replied. Remove that i as that is ego,And peace will be automatically there 13) Never take someone for granted...Never take some one for granted,Hold every person close to your HeartBecause you might wake up one day and realizeThat you have lost a diamondWhile you were too busy collecting stones 14) Think Postive always: GODISNOWHERE This can be read as GOD IS NO WHEREOr as GOD IS NOW HERE Everything depends on how do u see anything..So think positive 15) Aisa apna muqaam rakhna:Dil main hamari yaad rakhnaChehray par muskurahat rakhnaKabhi koi hara na sakayAisa apna muqaam rakhna 16) Never break anyone's heart:Never break anyone's heart,While breaking heart of othersThink first what will happenWhen someone will break your heart 17) one day more to hope: Every SUNSET gives us one day less to liveBut every SUNRISE gives us one day more to hope 18) God Bless you:In times of difficulties don't say, "God have a big problem"Instead say, "hey problem I have a big God"Everything will be yours….God bless you.
Never take some one for granted,Hold every person Close to your Heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.." Remember this always in life. Abraham G Labels: Abraham.G draft 4/5/12 by georgekurian republished from 4/6/11 Thanks to Abraham G for these meaningful and striking quotes. (New World)

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