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Thursday, November 20, 2014



(This is a poem dedicated to God Almighty,
with unsurpassing beauty, majesty and
power!)  Cynthia Abegail

The beauty that never fades, sparkles the dim
Rubies could not compare the dazzle of glory
Diamonds pale though on earth dare as a star
Behold! O' beauty that surpasses old and far.
A wisdom that penetrates core of dreary heart,
Quivering lips that seek nonetheless but Thee
Behold! O' beauty that was, that is and to come!
Thy Word never fails in any way, nullify evil,
When Thou speak, everything-- silenced still
For It is a lamp unto my feet and wings aloft,
Behold! O' beauty that captivated my soul...
Never will I be in want, for Thy valleys rich,
Green are the fields that sustains my being
What more do I need that Thou didn't rain
Behold! O' beauty in the highest Heaven.

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(A meaningful,melodious and beautiful Poem) New World

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