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Monday, December 1, 2014


Meet Samantha, my friend of five years.  We worked in the same school, a tall building by the hill.
Every morning, we meet in the elevator; it seems that our clock works the same.  "Hi Samantha,
how are you?, "I usually greet her by these lines.  Sometimes, I wonder why she was divorced.
A very sweet lady with a smile as compared to a honeycomb and with a face that's quite pretty.
She quipped, "Äre you going for lunch today?" I replied, "Yes sure!  I have brought some noodles
I like to share with you."  Samantha said, "You know that I love noodles."

Day in and day out, I was looking forward to see my friend.  She is so caring and kind that I could
not help but assist her in her work during my free time.  Then one day she told me if I could come to her place, it is right on the country, with all the hustles of the city removed!  I told her it is basically
impossible for me to go there.  I just had so much responsibilities with my sons that I really could not.  As a consolation, I invited her to a dinner one time in an Indian restaurant.

Here we go, an authentic Indian restaurant by the edge of the city.  The ambiance was perfect!
What more, the meal was hearty and delicious.  In this place, she poured out her heart to me.  She told me about her painful past.  She was unfortunate to marry not a good man.  Her ex-husband is
so irresponsible and unfaithful that she has no option but to file a divorce.  I listened to her with
candor and sympathy.  Now I understood!

Samantha will always have a special place in my heart!  Such a faithful and sweet and caring friend.
Now it is time for me to move jobs; tears flow from my eyes, I will rarely see her again!  When I visited her in her room before I left, I was surprised to see her teary-eyed!  I thought I felt it alone.
"No, Samantha, do not be sad...I am only on the other side...I will visit you again!  Promise!

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