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Thursday, December 11, 2014


(We have plenty to laugh today.Thanks Cynthia)New World


Mary was driving along the highway when she notice a bright sticker on the front car's window...If you think you're perfect---Try walking on the water!

Jim filed a complaint to Roads ServiceI had already three crashes and I will tell you why.Whenever I drive along the road, I always see tons of billboards with these bold prints,IF YOU DRINK AND DRIVE, YOU BLOODY IDIOT! How do you think that will increase my self esteem? (Joke only!)

A spendthrift bargained for her car service.
She was very persistent that the frontperson,
so annoyed gave in to 50% discount.
At home, she checked the car quickly after
the service.
The oil was half-full...

A psychiatrist met his lovely patient.
"Oh, Dr. Lowe, I would like you to meet
my brilliant husband, one of the men
I used to tell you!

One beauty shop makes your hair curly for 49 c.
They stick your finger in the light socket.

Things are rough with me. Just got a letter from
the bank.It says, "This is the last time we will spend 5c to
let you know, you have 4c.

My wife spends a fortune on cold creams and oils
puts them all over her body. I went to grab her,
she slid out of bed.
Youngman, Take This Book, Please...

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