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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Poem: Goodbye to an old friend

Poem:  Goodbye to an old friend
George M. Pulimala (1945 - 2014)

What does a person say in this moment?  What will his words be to the ears of the ones in love?  Can he alone even see the pieces to help put together what is broken?  So we sit together, only broken.  Along we receive our titles as family, friends, brothers and sisters.  All together in this moment.  A long and deep longing.  A groaning from within no lips can utter.  Can this moment even begin?  Can it even know of the story of a person?  This person, our George Uncle?  Can it tell of a lifetime of hidden laughter, of secrets of joyful memories?  Can the casket know of his voice?  The embrace of a hug or a warm handshake?  Here today is just an emptiness.  No understanding of a warm home that welcomed me in.  No knowledge of games and food and hospitality and family.  But my faith does not die here.  The man is more than the body.  He Is The Spirit!  That is what you see in the life of our George Uncle.  His heart, his spirit.  It goes beyond the time given us.  It must.  If not how much more pitied must we be, more than any other but if so then it is all of life.  More than the numbers given us before our birth.  More than the name given us in death.  This moment will burn and even the loudness of sound will not drown it away.  Faith, it will be my bearer.  He will hold me up when my body gives in and I fail.  You will see me through to the day when we all laugh again and hug and touch and love.  Goodbye my dear George Uncle.

- Ab

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