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Friday, December 5, 2014



At the altar where the flame never dies
As a homage to Thine greatness and power
Prayers never ceases with awe and wonder
Untiring, patient - though day never ends.

Lifted mine eyes to Thine image at the top,
A sudden change caught; iris seems to drop
The flame flickers to and fro, up and ways
A burning bush I remembered as the morn lay!

So bright almost blinded by the beauty may,
The radiance of flame reddish as the cover
Shimmering light never seen as stillness,
Joy felt this is rare but almost the best!

Lord, am I worthy as the sign is apparent,
Your servant is attentive I like to hear--
Is it true, I trust Thee...I a slave of love
Quite ready to spread the news of the message!

This is the story of Thine coming before---
Hope You delight as we sigh with eagerness
That day is closer to the spring of flowers,
May the day be bright and sunny as the faces!

It is a treasure in our hearts to serve Thee,
Let the vineyard open such that the gates imbibe
The beauty of Thine saints with glittering garments
The brilliance of Thine angels guiding in Thy grace.

We reach the apex of endearment in passionate care,
Nay with hope in hearts, our prayers seems daisies
The posies of roses, lilies array to be scattered
On thine altar with glowing light to show our LOVE!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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