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Saturday, January 10, 2015

A HEART OF CONTEMPT: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

Meet Chopa, a lady so interesting and half-vivacious and half-introvert.  The first time Roma met
her was just an ordinary encounter, nothing serious---nothing special.  They were flat mates.  Roma is
so immaculate in her room.  Let us view her room, oh sparkling shower and bathroom and the room's
scent is fragrant.  But Roma is meticulous especially in the kitchen.

Once, she went out to cook and what did she found?  The stove was full of oil and scrapes of.
 Veggies!  Well, well well, she got annoyed and waited for her landlord.  Jessica is her landlord,s
a joyful woman with a demure attitude.  She adviced Chopa to be more clean in the kitchen.
On the other hand, Chopa is stubborn.  She did the opposite to annoy Roma the more in a
covert way.

Jessica has a headache.  She wants the right thing but Chopa is her favourite.  This makes
things complicated.  Chopa is manipulative, she influence Jessica to abhor Roma.  In short,
she succeeded in making things go her way.  Roma is aghast because she can feel that she is being
taken for granted.  At times, she cries in her room alone.  Roma is right, Chopa just is a very disorderly person, untidy at most times but Roma is helpless in changing her.  We cannot change
people but we can just pray.

One day, Chopa found out her beloved car was damaged by vandals outside their place.
It was devastating!  Who was the one who damage her car?  Almost in tears, she recollect how bad she is to Roma.  Actually, it was not Roma who maliciously damage her car.  Nobody knows, it
was a mystery to all.

Then, Chopa became kinder to all of her flatmates, especially to Roma.  She does not held her up
high now, with a big ego and a stubborn heart.  She realised that evil things done to neighbours
does not pay good wages.  Roma, was there by the window--praying for her to change.  She did win
in the end.  Though it was not very obvious to the landlord who is so fascinated with Chopa, it was
indeed obvious to Almighty God who never tolerate a heart of contempt.  But it was a lesson for Chopa, a big lesson.  She will grow up, she did repent and was forgiven.

Morale:  God commanded:  Love God above all and love your neighbour as yourself.
One will never know what happens next. But God in His everlasting Mercy forgives.
If we err, we run to God to repent!  Nobody is perfect except God alone.  We sin,
but God's Mercy and love is overflowing!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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