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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jokes Corner:Cynthia Abegail


St. Peter was reviewing the new entrants to heaven. John
was one of them.

St. Peter: Those who were dominated by their wives during
their lifetime, line up on the right. Those who were not,
on the left.

St. Peter knows that John was dominated by Elsie through
the years but he stood on the left.

St. Peter: John, why are you there? Are you sure?
John: My wife told me to stand here!

A Swedish, an Englishman and Mr. Solly were all in an airplane
that is about to crash. They made an agreement that whosoever
survive will put $300.00 on another's grave. This is meant for
thanksgiving for those who will survive.

The Swedish died. After the funeral, the Englishman placed
a $300.00 note on his grave. Mr. Solly wrote a $600.00
cheque and took the $300.00 note.

A Catholic priest, an Anglican minister and a Jewish rabbi were
talking about how would they deal with the collection that
they receive every week.
The Catholic leader said that he always draw a square on the
the ground and throw the money in the air. "Whatever goes
outside of the square is for God and the one inside is mine."
The Anglican said that he always draw a circle and whatever
goes out of the circle is God's.
The rabbi said, "You make things too complicated. What I do
is --- I throw all of the money in the air and whatever lands
on the ground is mine!"


Cynthia Abegail
(Great Cynthia!!-George)

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