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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Wife:  Be sure that when you buy flowers, it's roses!  Unlike the one you bought me last year,
flowers for the dead!

Husband:  Yes Darling!  Roses are expensive though, may I borrow 25 dollars?


Annie:  It's Valentines Day again, I have no date.

John:  Why are you complaining, with your temper, nobody likes to get near.

Annie:  I also have a soft spot, you know...

John:  Here is Valentino, he seems to like you.

Annie:  No, never.  He looks like a rusted bin.


Nelia:  (florist) Hi Mrs Cruz, are you getting a teddy bear for your hubby?
Mrs Cruz:  Of course, he just gave me a bunch of roses, mind you, a dozen!
Nelia:  Good, but he bought two dozen!
Mrs Cruz:  Grr...Where did the other dozen go?

Cheers, Happy Valentines Day!

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