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Monday, February 23, 2015



Wife: I have overheard that you're being very
fond of your new secretary.
Husband: She is just a good friend, you know.
Wife: Too late! I already opened the position
in the news ads. Guess what?
Husband: What?
Wife: I am the only one who fits the job description.
Jane: Oh! I am late again. How can be there's so
much traffic?
Principal: Well, you will never be late again!
Jane: How?
Principal: Today is your last day!
Gemma: Where is my beloved? He is not with
the wind breeze, not with the sunset, not
with the rain...
Clare: No more rhymes, he is with Rizza!
Mental patient: I have a problem today.
Psychiatrist: Just like other days?
Mental patient: Quite different! I accidentally
locked and bolted the door; we can't go out!

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