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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SIRACH 19: 2-3

Wine and women make the mind giddy
and the companion of harlots becomes reckless
He who lightly trusts in them has no sense, and
he who strays against them sins against his own life.
Rottenness and worms will possess him, for
contumacious desire destroys its owner.

Si: 19: 2-3

It is not a matter of "holier than thou" attitude.  It is
a matter of obeying the Lord!  Well, it is really
a difficult stride because of our concupiscence.
But, it is clear.  God says so, there should be no

Faithfulness in marriage is a must!  Adultery is not to
be tolerated by serious people following the Lord.
Harlots could be fascinating but could bring death
to one's soul; the wages of sin.

It is a struggle but with dedication to God Almighty,
it may become easier.  We do not say that we will
not fall.  All do and fall short of the glory of God.
All are sinners.  But now, let us make commitment
to the Lord.  We cannot do it by our own.  An
unconditional surrender to God is a path...

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