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Friday, February 6, 2015


 Out of curiosity, I ask this question?
Why is something new so exciting, cause a stir
and reverberates energy? This may be a part
of our innate concupiscence in nature.
Just observe even in daily news. When a headline
is new, it tickles the imagination; it will be the
apple of the day or the week, till people just get sick
of it. Something new, something novel!
When we meet a stranger, there's a surge of adrenalin
in our system; we just could not understand our
affability and warmth. Take about five years, then
the fire loses it's embers. On the other hand, the relationship
grows and intimacy develops.
Sometimes, these baffle thinkers, too! Suddenly, there's
a new theory and all thirst for more... It must be the
freshness, just like the dew that sizzles at dawn. Mesmerising!
Something new, something novel! It is striking. On the
other hand, there is something from the past that never
loses its novelty. This is God's word! It is never passe!
The more you read the Word, the more fiery and resplendent
it is to your body and to your soul.
Something new, something novel. God's word is enduring
as His love. It is always new, dynamic and refreshing...

Cynthia Abegail
(Thanks Cynthia. God's love is always great . Thanks)New World

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