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Saturday, March 7, 2015

CYNTHIA ABEGAIL'S COLUMN Jokes from the Witty of the Century -- Henny Youngman

Joke Corner

Things are rough. People are worried. I saw a man lying
in the gutter, I walked up and said, "Are you sick? Can I help
He said, "No, I found a parking space, I sent my wife out
to buy a car."
I walked into a barber shop and the guy nearly scared me to death.
He was ordering supplies, and he ordered two bottles of hair tonic,
one bottle of shaving lotion and two dozen bottles of iodine.
Fellow bought a mouse-trap for his cellar. When he went to set

it, he found that he had forgotten to buy cheese, so he cut a piece
of cheese from a magazine and placed in this trap. Surprisingly
enough this worked. When he went down the next morning,
he found in the trap -- a picture of the mouse!
What a car!
In order to go over ten miles per hour I have to remove
the licence plates. The car won't pull that kind of load.

Source: Take this Book, Please by Henny Youngman

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