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Friday, March 20, 2015



Joe has just passed his probationary driving test.
His father was reminding him of the What,
When and Where of driving.

Leo: First, you have to deal with the What--
the alcohol intake limit.

Joe: Thanks, Dad. It's .0 something.
Leo: Then, you have to be careful with When --
is the right time to turn right with an arrow.

Joe: I definitely know about that Dad; turn right
at amber if it is safe only!

Leo: Very good.

Joe: How about the Where?

Leo: Where --- are the cameras?

(Joke only)


Once, I was driving in the freeway on the left-hand side, I noticed
that all cars driven by males are on the right hand side.

Did I do anything?


There were three pilgrims and one brunette were faced by an ordeal of crossing
the river to reach the other side. The first pilgrim A decided to get a
huge tree trunk and floated with it. The waves are strong such that it
was really a hurdle. The second pilgrim B is a good swimmer, so he swam
across with loss of so much energy. Pilgrim C had a better idea, he found
a quarter of a boat and rowed patiently till he reach the other end.

The brunette quietly walked farther the bushes and found something ---
a hanging bridge and she crossed it to reach the other side!


A blonde was caught speeding by a policeman. He politely asked for her
license and the blonde lost her cool. She said, "I really could not understand
how you work nowadays. Your friends just got my license yesterday
and you are now asking me to present it to you?



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