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Monday, March 23, 2015


Selected Jokes from Witty Tal
One day a farmer came into the bank in Oklahoma and asked
for a loan. "I want $200.00."
"And what security have you?"
"I have 200 horses," replied the farmer.
This seemed sufficient security and the loan was made.
A short while afterward, the farmer came back with $2200
in cash, paid off the note and started to leave with the rest of
the roll in his pocket.
"Why not let me take care of the money for you?" asked the
Looking the banker straight in the eye, the farmer asked, "How
many horses do you have?"
A man who was a golfing bug married a woman who love to attend
auction sales. Both talked in their sleep.
One night the husband yelled: "Fore!"
The wife promptly shouted, "Four twenty five!"
One man find the key to safe driving for her wife. He reminded her
that if she had an accident, the newspapers would print her age with
the police report.
So poor, you have heard of powdered milk,
we have powdered water!
Harried motorist, teaching his wife how to drive: "Go on green, stop on red, careful on amber and look out when I turn white!"


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