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Monday, March 16, 2015


John:  Why is your face so dark?

Lawrence:  I brought my car for a service, then...

John:  The lights went off, alternator down, battery failed
aircon out, etc...

Lawrence:  So you brought it for destruction...


Joy:  Where did you buy your car?

May:  You know the dealer around the corner?

Joy:  Why did you buy there, that is a notorious car dealer.

May:  Too late, now.

Joy:  What happened?

May:  It failed after 3 months!

Joy:  Thought it has a warranty.

May:  Truly, the warranty is 3 months!


Peter:  Hello, road assist, my car broke down.  It seems the battery

Road assist arrives with a tow truck!  (Road assist of the car dealer).

Peter:  Why a tow truck?

Road assist:  The car dealer knows it is really bad so no need to check!

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