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Monday, March 30, 2015


Jade: Why is your house so dark last night?
Are you away?

Ron: I was inside the house! I am economizing,
so I just get used to the dark now.

Beth: You meant, you came from the mental
hospital and you are free now.

Denise: Yes, I am normal, they are too late
to find out!

Mother: Did you get a job yesterday?
Ben: Yes, Mum. Good news, eh?
Mother: Not only good but outstanding news
after 3 years.

Pilot: Attention, press your emergency button.
We are heading off the Pacific Ocean.

Co-pilot: Correction. He meant, Atlantic Ocean.

Wife: O' you're early today. (at 3:00 am)
Husband: Thanks my love!
Wife: You don't understand metaphor, do you?

Gemma: What is your ideal man?
Jelly: Well, he must be tall, dark and handsome and
not a miser.
Gemma: Johnny is not a miser, isn't it?
Jelly: Not really, just stringent and selfish!

Nelia: How cute our teacher!
Allan: There you are again... He also gives cute marks,
Pass, Fail, Incomplete... etc

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