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Monday, March 30, 2015



John is a fisherman and whenever he comes
back to his wife after a day in the sea, he had always
tales to tell. One day, John was accompanied by his
two sons, Cassio and Geoff in fishing at a distance
from the shore.
When he came back, he told again a tale of what
happened when they were out into the sea. He said,
It was a calm day, but suddenly gales of strong winds
came and our boat were tossed to and fro by the waves!

His wife with eager looks asked, Then what happened?
A strong gush hit the boat, then Cassio was taken away...
Sad, the wife then asked, then ...
John finished the tale by saying... Then, out of the blue,
Geoff was taken away by another whirling wind like a


George: I bought a car, wow for only $1000.00. It was
really a bargain.
James: Where have you bought it?
George: You know that garage on the corner of Smith St?
James: My car broke down, can you give me a lift?
George: Not really...
James: Why, we are friends!
George: The thing is, this car stops every 50 meters!
Rita: Mum, my teacher likes to speak with Dad!
Mother: When?
Rita: Monday night?
Mother: He is in the pub...
Rita: Tuesday?
Mother: He will be in casino.
Rita: Wednesday?
Mother: He will be in the Tabaret...
Rita: Thursday?
Mother: He will have a drinking session with his mates!
Rita: Divorce him!!!
Customer: Can I have a steak please?
Waiter: What sauce?
Customer: Hollandaise!
Waiter: Sorry, only soy sauce...
Customer: OK, may I have a salad please?
Waiter: Garnishing?
Customer: Onions please.
Waiter: We run out of onions, just rosemary twigs...
Customer: OK, may I have caffee lattee after!
Waiter: Cappucino only!
After the meal was ready, the customer called the waiter
and said, "Please sit down!"
Waiter: Why, sir?
Customer: Eat all of this!

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