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Thursday, March 19, 2015



The bank sent a polite note to
a customer.
"We are pleased that you have
banked with us. Just to let you
know that we could not stand
anymore the negativity of your
John got nervous the other day.
He was about to have a dental
surgery. He looked around,
he saw of all things, lysol,
iodine and muriatic acid.
Jodie: I am beginning to be suspicious
with my boyfriend.
Sandra: Why?
Jodie: Because when we are relaxing together,
he always play the song, "Run, Baby run!"
A deacon was standing in a road with a sign,
"The End is Near!" The driver yelled,
Get off and preach somewhere else. Suddenly,
he heard a sudden splash.
He said to himself, "I should just have written,
"Bridge gone!"
Wife: Is it true that we are having a trip
near Mt. Vesuvius.
Husband: Yes, dear
Wife: What will I bring?
Husband: A very long metallic rope for
sightseeing inside the volcano!
( Really funny jokes Cynthia. We enjoy your jokes. Thanks) New World

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