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Sunday, March 15, 2015


Greg: You should have seen my new car, the latest
model and has a state of the art engine!
Mel: Really, may I see it.
Greg: Give me a lift to Patterson River.
Mel: Why there?
Greg: It's so fast that I pass over the bridge...

Hyacinth: Always remember, Pearl... be not afraid!
Pearl: Agreed, my friend.
Hyacinth: The only thing I wonder is--- "When I start
to drive, everyone is worried, they are all afraid!

Wife: Where have you gone, it is already 2:00 am.
Husband: Well, the meeting of the board of directors
is too long. As you see, recession is looming. The
analysis is too long!
Wife: Very long indeed, because I saw your board members
in Stardust Pub!

Admin: I think that the college could not accept you
anymore because of your terrible marks.
Student: Could I have another chance, because the world
for me became too big when Dad won three
million last month.
Admin: Well, the college has a lot to offer, state of the
art science centre and many, many more! (Joke only)

Wife: Remember, Darl that we are going to Venice for a
romantic overture?
Husband: When did I tell you that?
Wife: About 15 years ago, this is our last chance!
Husband: The doctor said I have Alzheimer's, isn't it?

Employee: I would like to resign from my job. I like
to find a better place with greener grass of hope!
Employer: And what job do you like now?
Employee: A gardener!

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