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Monday, March 30, 2015


James: Now that you know that you have high blood pressure,
do not work too much. Relax!
Carrie: Well, I don't know, I am just serious with work, you know.
James: I repeat, relax and sometimes take a leave.
Carrie: Alright, from now on I will relax at work!
James: By the way, where is Jane, a good example of a person
who always relax at work...
Carrie: She's not in today. She was sacked!

Wife: Darl, you remember Larry who was our close friend.
Husband: Yes...
Wife: She told me I am still as lovely as can be!
Husband: So?
Wife: I have never heard it from you.
Husband: Have I not shown you your picture 10 years back?

Daisy: Now, close your doors tonight really well. There is a
madman on the loose. It's good you are with me.
Ronnie: We should better close it now, how tight?
Daisy: Put now all the bolts and keep quiet to pretend
there are no people here.
Ronnie: No, there are ten people here!
Daisy: O' no!

Driver: $20.00, Sir.
Passenger: Handing something!
Driver: Why a knife? Anyway, that will do.
Hop out, Sir... you're paid!

Teacher: What can I do for you to learn, June?
June: Resign!

Principal: You're term is finished, Mrs. Jones!
Mrs. Jones: Are you sure?
Principal: Certainly!
Mrs Jones: You're term is finished, too.
Principal: You're joking!
Mrs. Jones: I am serious, you know Mr Larsen?
Principal: O' the head of Education?
Mrs. Jones: He is my Dad!


Wife: Let's play a game. I will pretend hanging on the Tower of Pisa
while on the roof. If you say, I love you... I will hang on.
If you keep quiet, I will fall. No cheating!

Husband: That's easy. Hang on now.
After 30 minutes, no sound from the husband!

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