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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It was a fine sunny day when Amelia noticed her husband shivering and with a high fever.
She gently touched her forehead and it seems like a volcano about to erupt; at that moment
her nerves got her again.  She said, Ï am going to rush you to the hospital."  Peter said, "No,
do not worry, it is just a flu."  Amelia replied, "I have to do it, what flu, you are already turning

Amelia rushed him to the hospital and the rest is history.  His blood pressure soars so high that
she thought he may die.  She had done so many rosaries and novenas more than anytime in her life.
Now she believed what others say, "You only realise how so important one in your life if you almost lose that person.

With five days in crises, Amelia remained strong summoning God to help them.  It was a few days wait, then God answered!  Peter was saved!

Amelia with eyes on the sky exclaimed:  Ï know you are not going to fail me, my Lord!  Thanks for
your mercy and love.  You love all of us and I am confirming that I love you so much.  Life is fragile, so I have to take advantage of every second in my life:  To love you, to follow you, to adore you and
love my neighbours too.  It is a covenant and I know I will fail but I will always come back to you!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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