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Sunday, March 8, 2015


The holiness of Isabel's personal life seems to equate

with her earthly success. She was prayerful. humble,

persevering, loving God with all her heart, mind and


Her reign had overturned the condiion of Spain. Before

her rule, Spain was a laughig stock of Europe under the

rule of her half-brother, King Henry IV. With Fernando

of Aragon, they completed the 770 year old war to recover

Spain from the Muslims by conquering Granada.

After her rule, Spain was the major power in Europe for

about 150 years. As described by historians, Spain was

formidable in strength and the final flowering of Christendom

before the the coming of the modern age. This occured between


She said a public prayer on eve of war between Castille and


"Thou Lord, in whose hands is the rule of kingdoms, who has put

me by Thy Providence into royal estate, I beg humbly to hear now

the prayer of Thy servant, and show forth the truth, and manifest

Thy will with Thy marvellous works; so that if I am not in the right,

that Thou mayest give me wisdom and strength so that with the aid

of Thine divine arm, I may be able to carry on and to prevail, and

bring peace to these realms, which until now have suffered so much

evil and destruction."

Then, she sent Columbus to spread Catholic faith to half the world.

None but God to aid her, a woman with famed beauty of countenance

and most of all of the heart!

Ref: Carrol, Warren. The Glory of Christendom.

( It is always good to know history/Geography. Our multi talented writer Cynthia Abegail has a vivid
summary of the reign of Isabel who contributed a lot to the rise of Spain. Thanks Cynthia.We appreciate it.)New World Editorial Board

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