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Friday, April 24, 2015

LK 8:48---Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

Your faith has made you well.  Lk 8:48

We beg the Lord at times to heal us.  Yet, is our faith 100 percent?  Is there no tinge of doubt?  Yes,
my brothers and sisters, the Lord claims our whole hearts, minds and souls.  We cannot say we love Him, yet we still put our feet in the mire of vices and sin!  If we still pray so deep, yet we lust for our neighbour, we sneer at our enemies, we gossip about our friends?  Faith is not a mix of good and evil.  If we claim ourselves to have faith, we also have to live the faith.

Yes, all fall short of the glory of God!  We just have to remember that to combat our evil inclinations, we need God's help.  We need to align ourselves to divine things by reading the Word of God, confessing our sins, attending Mass, praising and adoring God and yielding to sacraments given by Him!

We cannot claim to have faith in God and yet one of our feet is always busy with the works of the flesh and with the allure of vanity and pride.

Let us cleanse ourselves with the precious blood of Jesus.  Claim the faith which is a gift of God,
worship God abundantly and we will see that our faith has truly made as well.  Thank you Lord for the gift of faith.  We love you and we have a personal relationship with Thee.  Amen
Cynthia Abegail

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