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Saturday, April 25, 2015



One dawn at May, Gemma rose up early to pray. She
never miss to pray except on one Monday morning
when she was so sick of an attack of allergy caused
by sesame seeds. She is quite frail in health although
she has an indomitable spirit.

She is just an ordinary woman who love God so much
that she was favored with many visions. Not really
like St Rita whose sufferings were so great, but smiles
still appear on her lovely face. This may be the reason
why she was called the saint of hopeless cases.

Oh! that dawn in May. She went out to visit her pretty
garden; but it is close to winter. A chill breeze touched
her ample face; oval and with ebony eyes. She looked
at the sky and saw the moon hiding by the sheer cloud.
She exclaimed, "What is that inside the moon, not really
rocks (remember when Apollo spacecraft landed on the
moon). What is that? It seems to be in a shape of a dove!"
She shivered, "Am I imagining again? Oh no! it's really
an image of a dove." She remembered the Holy Spirit
which is usually represented as a dove.

The dove is a gentle creature. It reminds her of God who
is always gentle and slow to anger. Gemma asked, "Why
me, Lord? I am unworthy." She seems to hear a voice,
"You have work to do. I have chosen you." She uttered
with eagerness, "Here I am Lord, your servant is always

As time goes, she realise the work that she has to do for the
glory of God. She met much persecution, but since her
valiance is unconquerable she persisted and was victorious.

Then, one day in June... she was cleaning her makeshift altar
for the Lord. She gushed, "I will change the picture of the Lord
because I like to put a smaller one." She removed the picture of
the Sacred Heart of Jesus and changed it with another one.
Suddenly, she looked at the older picture in her room which
she placed aside. Well, she saw the halo around the head of
Jesus became so bright orangey pink, the same as that of
the Divine Mercy picture. She smiled, "I got the message, Lord.
I have to return the old picture."

Gemma's relationship with her Lord is very deep. God is always
her first priority and she hates idols. She was blessed with
uncountable visions. Once, their priest commented, "When
you pass this world, I will push for your canonisation." Since
she is so humble, she said, "I will never qualify even to be

I totally agree with the priest, she is one of a kind. I know now
that visions are true if one has faith. My friend Gemma will
never be rich in material things but her future riches in heaven
is in store for her. Praise God in the highest!

Morale: For a believer, one miracle is more than enough. For an
unbeliever, countless miracles is not even enough!

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