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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A DESOLATION: A WARNING and A REMINDER from the Book of Jeremiah

They have made it a desolation; desolate it mourns to me.  The whole land is made desolate, but no one lays it to the heart.  Upon all the bare heights in the desert spoilers have come, for the sword of the Lord devours from one end of the land to the other, no one shall be safe.  They have sown wheat and heap thorns, they have tired themselves out but profit nothing.  They shall be ashamed of their harvests because of the fierce anger of the Lord.   Jeremiah 12: 11-13

Sometimes we are amazed at how in the Old Testament, the Scripture pictures a God who is ever punishing while the New Testament pictures an intensely merciful God.  Throughout time immemorial, past or present, we are obvious of the great love and mercy of God.

On the other hand, we must not forget that even if the mercy of God is endless, sin has not been tolerated examining Scripture without contrite repentance.  Look at the thief in the Crucifixion, he had repented and had recognised the divinity of Jesus Christ.  Look at Mary Magdalene, she had been a prostitute but upon encounter with Jesus, she repented sincerely, turned away from her sin and led a life dedicated to God.  Look at the dying, who had been sinful all of their lives, yet at their death bed made a 180 degrees turn from sin to repentance and accepted Jesus as their Saviour.  They were saved.

We cannot abuse the mercy of God.  Although it's endless, the condition on repentance and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Saviour is so important.  Therefore nothing is too late even for hardened sinners, convicts, prostitutes, thieves and all of us sinners.  We will just repent, accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and vow to lead a life pleasing to our Lord.

Desolation, desolation, we ask?  Let us examine ourselves and the world at hand.  Where have the conscience gone?  Even the same-sex marriage has to be polled?  Has the world gone upside down?  Of course, freedom is at stake.  But what kind of freedom are we promoting?  A freedom violating the law of our Creator?  "And man and woman will unite and be one flesh."  God did not say, a man and a man will unite to be one flesh!  Completely sodomy!

And how did Sodom and Gomorrah devastated?  Is it not because of the sin of sodomy?  An abhorring abomination, men and men lusted after one another, women and women engaged in depraved acts!

My dear brothers and sisters, let us awake of the consequences of our actions!  A violation of God's commandment is not an easy task.  The world has to answer, "Why have we forgotten God in all His goodness, love and mercy...

Cynthia Abegail

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