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Friday, May 1, 2015


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(SILENT IS MY LOVE is a wonderful poem.Very melodious)New WorldThis is a poem showing a sublime quality of love. This poem is dedicated
to all who have felt this wonderful feeling at any time in their life...(Cynthia)

Silent is my Love

A language that defy imagination,
A feeling that mesmerizes blues
Walking with elegance as carnation
Silent as the tinted sea that woos!

Beauty that captures, tossed ships,
With grace as the moon that shines
Beating like a scarlet violin that weeps
Silent as a child asleep that whines!

As sublime as the rays of the sun,
Like a morning dew that wakes
As lovely as the night that falls
Silent as a rose that buds adrift!

Mellow as the whisper of a lass,
Docks like a deer that thirsts
Where are you my beloved at dawn?
Silent as the comet shooting beyond!

Slow as the hill that rolls yesterday,
Pretty as the smile that captures
My heart to the brim of eternity
So Silent is my love by infinity...

All rights reserved Cynthia Abegail

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