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Saturday, May 30, 2015

JOKES ONLY by Cynthia Abegail

Then:  My brilliant friend taught me C Programming.  Oh, difficult!  Now:  My grandson taught me YouTube when he was one and a half and my granddaughter introduced me to Peppa Pig when she was two!

Then:  Her husband brought her red, red roses!  Now, her husband got her weeds from the garden!

Then:  Beggars wear tattered clothes.  Now beggars are choosy and they look professional!

Then:  At night, it's nice to stroll by the moonlight.  Now, you have to run for your life under the moonlight...

Then: Students call their Teacher, Mam.  Now, they tell their teacher, "What's up?"

Then:  I wish I have a friend from France.  Now, I have friends all over the world without seeing them!

Then:  They gossiped and quarrel personally.  Now, they gossip online! 

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