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Monday, May 18, 2015



Stardust in the sky, effervescent at night
gaze with hazel eyes; seeking and longing--
so I may feel Your presence as the breeze
a gentle wind, a gleeful touch of warmth!

I seek for you, the God I adore on holy place,
but found that You're everywhere all of days
I pant for you as if thirsty for living water,
as I journey on a desert; parched O' where?

The land was dry sometimes, but oases arose,
how great of you to make river in the desert!
to make bridges on the canyon so I may pass,
yet carried me when I grew weary and tired...

The waves may rise and cover us in the deep,
yet Thou pushed us above to gasp for breath
turbulent winds may gush but calm of spirit,
as then refreshed like a leaf touched by gift...

I will carry the song of praise in frail heart---
day and night, monsoon and the tempest
winter of blues or spring proud to bloom,
nor autumn damp with leaves O' swoon.

Praise Him from the depths of the seas
to the apex of the mountains of breeze
praise Him from horizon-- east or west,
to sheer frontier of north and of south!

Love him from tropics of palm trees,
To the colder zones of glaciers adrift
As of temperate Mediterranean loess,
To the Aegean that frolics at its best!

( God always protects us whereever we are. Cynthia has
written this poem to reveal us the wonderful truth how
God protects us wherever we are. Beautiful Cynthia
Thanks) New World

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