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Sunday, June 14, 2015

AIKO'S DIARY (NEXT SERIES) Part 6 by Cynthia Abegail

Aiko's Stroll in the Park

Today is one of those beautiful days:  with some sunlight but not too hot.  It is one of those days where you could walk briskly but not perspire!

Aiko and I strolled by the park in the West.  It is a park overlooking a hill, so green and clean.  Well, I decided to walk with her for a longer period of time to make a path for our reconciliation!  A beautiful thing!  I know of reconciliation between people but does it sound a bit new? 

I saw a sparkle in Aiko's eyes especially when she saw a peach coloured cat with a fluffy hair.  She approached her as if to say "Hi!"  The peachy cat responded with a loud Meow and they seem to understand each other.  After that, we went to a man-made spring with flowing water.  She rushed to the water and drank like a thirsty camel.  Then, we walked again and we are developing a great bond again.  I felt a surge of joy in my heart.

We are on our way back home when suddenly I heard barking of a dog.  Aiko became afraid because it is a big Doberman.  I rushed to embrace her and quickly brought her to the car.  Then, she was so curious on looking at the big, scary dog from afar.  I drove her back home to my son's house and I almost could not leave.  I composed myself and I am resolved to fulfill my promise of getting her back in about 5 weeks.  I bid goodbye but this time she is not sad anymore.  She seems to have accepted our agreement.

I am back to normal work routine but I plan to do shopping in the afternoon.  I will buy Aiko additional scratching posts and a cat cave.  Well folks, that's the role of a pet carer.  With some compassion and mutual understanding, we are getting there slowly.

Thanks Lord for giving us pets to care and to cherish!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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