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Monday, June 1, 2015

HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN? By Cynthia Abegail


 The isles in the East, who longs to see you,
To feel the myriad of feelings in the blues!
Pangs of loneliness, only you will know---
 Misty eyes somewhat ebony and velvet!

The curling of the ocean will not give glee,
 The sunset that vies of beauty had hidden
Have you forgotten the old, old days anew?
Where are you, in the desert or the mount!

 The chirping of the doves has ceased awhile!
And dawn of awakening waited for the mile,
Have you forgotten to willow in the exile?
 Where are you, in the hills or in the coast...

The bliss of yesterday hid in the shadows,
 A smile on my lips drenched with tears--
 The luscious lips pinkish becomes gray?
Where are you, in the seas or the plains...

Mirth will fill the air closer in the sunbeam,
It is you, will not search anymore O' there!
 I thought you are gone forever but where,
Found you in my dreams that we share!

 All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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