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Monday, June 15, 2015


With the advent of advanced technology, it is not easy to pray deeply.  What, with all the IPad, TV, Tablet and social links that vie for our attention, I guess that many could not find ample time to pray!

Why is it necessary to pray?  Prayer is very powerful in its true essence.  It is not that haphazard or hurried prayer.  It is a prayer that one set aside as a special time to communicate with God.

Since prayer to God is special and extremely important, preparation of one's mind and heart is necessary.  For example, if we plan to go to a wedding of a friend, we take all our time to prepare because it is a special event.  What more is prayer, a time with God.

Select a suitable time where there is minimal distraction, probably early in the morning or before we sleep.  Ask forgiveness first for all the wrong things we have done.  Then, thank God for His goodness, love and mercy.  Afterwards, one may ask her petitions if she has some requests.  Finally, praise God for that is for God's glory.

When we pray for something, we have to wait and we do not get hopeless or angry when we do not receive answer for our prayers.  Maybe you like a particular house, but it was not given to you.  It is because God gives something for our own good or God might give it later at the right time.

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