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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

AIKO'S DIARIES (New Series) Part 2

Aiko Went to Vet

This is a day to remember for Aiko.  Mind you, she has a photographic memory.  That was a year ago, when she had her latest vaccination.

However, it is due now.  The Flu Vaccine and the Feline Aids Vaccine.  Not that she has Aids!  It is only a vaccine so as to prevent a lowering of resistance in case that she fights with other animals or if infected by bites or saliva of another cat.

Well, she is very angry at the Vet.  She seems to say, "Here you are again giving me a shot at the neck! Do you realise how painful it is?  It took a Vet and a nurse to deliver the shot.  She really roars with might.  I guess she has a low pain tolerance just like me.

It hurts me too as she is having this flu vaccine.  But I have to control my emotions because the flu shot is for her own good.  Yes folks, I am already deep in Aiko's life.  I seem to be like a mother so worried and anxious about her future.

After two weeks, Aiko received her booster vaccination.  This time, she is less angry.  But the Vet would not take chances, she is now famous for being ferocious on vaccinations.  She was put in a carrier box, then the shot was delivered from the hole.   After the shot, she looked and pout at me seeming to say, "When will this shooting end?"  I patted her back and I said, "Do not worry, it will be fine."  

We are now on our way home.  I looked at her with sympathy and I wish there are no such thing but on second thought,"It is necessary!"  Then, I smiled, she was snoring a little bit, she slept suddenly.  Probably, she got tired and the medicine made her drowsy.  As I parked my car, she awoke gently and wagged her tail!  I got the message, "She is hungry now!"  I said, "Alright, your favourite salmon is ready."  She ate with gusto, then sat on my lap for some tender moments.

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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