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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

AIKO'S DIARIES (New Series) Part 3

Aiko is generally a homebody, a domestic cat and she loves indoors.  She is quite sensitive to the cold weather but she just loves summer.  It's the very opposite of myself who loves the cold weather and hates the searing heat of summer.

One warm day, I decided to take Aiko for a ride in the city and the sorrounding suburbs.  She enjoyed the trip and looked at the window with delight.  Skyscrapers, winding freeways and highways!  I opened the windows slightly for fresh air and she could not be bothered as she enjoys the scenery.  I drove for an hour till I got tired already.

After our trip to the city, we went to a nearby park.  I walked her through the beautiful flower garden and I can see that she enjoys walking through the fluffy grasses and she rubs her body everywhere for territorial moves.  

Time to go home now, and she still does not like it.  I said to her, "Aiko, you are getting to be not obedient at all."  I showed to her that I am the Boss.  I do not like to be mean, but I should not spare discipline, too.

Well, folks that's Aiko---an interesting feline species!   I do now realise how many people have pets, either dogs and cats.  These animals are so loyal to their owners.  I am glad I have a pet, it's a great companion in our life.


All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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