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Friday, July 10, 2015

Aiko's Diaries (Next Series). Part 6

Aiko became needy

As I visited Aiko today, my heart was full of sadness.  She heard my voice from afar and she knows that I arrived even when I am at the door.  I quickly embraced her and walked her in the garden.  She became so needy that I stayed for a longer period of time.

Just about three weeks more--- Aiko and I will be together.  This gives me great consolation.  My project is almost finishing and I wished I could shorten the weeks into days.  Nevertheless, a streak of light is at hand.

I know that things are not the same anymore and sometimes I regret of being separated from her.  It is a great sacrifice on my part, but sometimes sacrifices pays off.  It is overwhelming at times when I could not meet her needs.  I just have to adjust to the difficulties I am facing.  But the days are already coming when I will be a full-time attendant of Aiko.  I always love to be and I always will.

Cynthia Abegail

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