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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cast your Bread on the Water: Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

At times, when we do not have anything and the resources seem to dwindle at it's ebbs, our faith sometimes falters and we begin to ask questions.  At our abundant times, we just seem to forget who gave us these great blessings.

There are many occasions that we meet trials beyond our capacity to solve.  Instead of burrowing one's head, why not pray incessantly and storm heaven.  Just like the judge in the parable who gave the widow what she wanted, we could really persist on our prayer and beg.  Begging the Lord is a good thing.  When one is proud, he does not like to beg.  This is a test of our humility before our Awesome God.

We must realise that we need God, we are not just an independent atom in the universe who can subsist on nuclear reactions.  We are humans created on the image of God.  

So cast your bread on the water.  Just hope and pray with a responsible action too.  And God in His great goodness will provide more than one has even imagined!  But it takes faith, it is not magic like wishing!  It is praying and hoping that God will notice our pleas.  Just like the Psalmist, "I place my hope in the Lord and He did not fail me."  Praise God and all glory only to Him forever and ever!

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