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Monday, July 27, 2015


Rare Gem
(Short Story)

(Another beautiful story from Cynthia. Nothing is impossible with God.Trust.Very good story with a good moral)New World

Gerard lives in a remote village in the border of Chorazim and Aames. He is the only son of a poor baker in a family of five. Even at the tender age of three, his mother Monika noticed a

rare innocence, compassion and humility in Gerard. He always shared his wooden toys with Aimmee, the bubbly youngest child of the couple. Soon he grew to be a wise and pleasing teenage heartthrob. Many teenagers line up for his attention but he seems not to be curious since he had an ambition, to be an achiever one day!

One summer day, her sister Lucia was bullied by prank teenagers near their house. He ran as fast as he can and defended her sister with all his might. He managed to break her sister from the lady who pulled her hair but since they were many, he laid bruised and almost unconscious on the road. His heart always cry out for justice but usually he gets hurt physically and emotionally along the way.

When he was a teacher in Forest Hill primary school, he sometimes clashes with the domineering principal-------who seems to act as if he owns the department of education. Mr. Cruz treats the teachers like puppets, to follow his whims. All of the teachers just hated him, except Gerard!

Sometimes, Gerard ponders about his life and at night before bed...ask quietly, "Lord, why do I always meet this plight of desire to do good but always meet
violent opposition to my goodwill?" He slightly discerns an answer, "You are still in the world but always do good to overcome evil; try not to do evil for evil will overtake you!"

He finally found a balance... fight evil in a calm, peaceful way without intent of hurting other people's feelings!

Then he fell in love with a pretty, smart and elegant lady Clarisse, a doctor of good standing and reputation. They were blessed with 3 siblings, a girl and two boys. His life could not have been happier. The couple brought their children with love and respect for God and people. The family never miss their Sunday obligation and they spend the day relaxing by the beach or just relishing one's company.

One balmy night, Gerard was contemplating about God's word; suddenly a cold, gentle wind touched the back of his neck. He seems to have felt and heard, "I am calling you, help my people. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, spread my Word, assist with what you have and I will take care of the rest.'"

Gerard thought, "Really, I am not like Moses, the deliverer. I am only a simple teacher in town." The voice replied, "Was not Moses an ordinary shepherd, was not Abraham a simple tiller of the land?"

Gerard realised whom he was talking to! He exclaimed, "Lord, please forgive me. Thy will be done. For nothing is impossible with you!"

He started his ministry of assisting the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, spreading the Word... His friends were amazed! "How can he do that? He is just a simple teacher of History and we are the brilliant teachers, aren't we?'

Gerard overheard them and smiled, "I did not even lift my finger, raise his hands upward,

I am just His servant, His will be done! Love HIM always...

Moral: God's will is a mystery, beyond understanding. But one thing is evident, Nothing is impossible for HIM!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(Republished from 12/28/10)

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